About Us

At Black Pepper Pho we pride ourselves on providing each customer with an excellent dining experience. We believe in working together as a team to deliver quality food, drinks, and service.

We are a tip-free restaurant, we do not accept tips. Our price is all inclusive. All of our staff are fully compensated by their salary. We expect professionals in any industry to take pride in their work and do their very best without having to rely on customers' rewards in the form of money in order to do a good job. Therefore, we believe that declining tips is an appropriate choice for professionals in any industry including hospitality. Excellent service should always be delivered regardless of any preconceived expected tips at the end of your meal. Appropriate compensation should NOT be the responsibility of the consumers nor should it be a social obligation. It should be the responsibility of the employers just like any other non-tipping professions. 

Our Foods

Phở, our signature dish, is made by slow cooking beef with grilled onion and ginger for more than 6 hours to develop the full flavor of the broth. Spices including Saigon cinnamon, clove, and star anise are added to create the distinctive aroma of pho.  This soup is traditionally served with fresh rice noodles, thinly sliced beef, and a plate of fresh vegetables and herbs. Vietnamese cuisine emphasizes the balance of protein, vegetables, and starch.  Our Pho soups and grilled dishes are made with natural meats, fresh vegetables, and rice noodles to provide a well balanced meal. 

Vietnam is a tropical country along the Pacific coast where grains such as wheat, barley, or rye are not grown while rice is cultivated extensively throughout the country. Hence, nearly everything on our menu is gluten-free due to the nature of traditional Vietnamese food.

Our goal is to provide honest good food that you and your family can enjoy without having to wonder what’s in your food. We do not use MSG or any food enhancers.  We are also a nut-free facility. We support local farmers and small local businesses.  We select organic and locally grown produce in the summer. We use only natural meats. We go out of our way to source premium quality ingredients such as our organic hand-made tofu and organic Saigon basil.

The Name 

Huong's birthplace is BinhGia, a small farming village approximately 3 hours from Saigon. The primary crop produced is premium black peppercorn. The peppercorn vines grow on trees or brick towers and are harvested by hand when they reach optimal maturity. From this tradition comes the first part of our name.

Huong's grandmother was the first person in BinhGia to open an eating establishment. Some of her earliest memories are of waking many hours before dawn going to the pho shop in the market with her grandmother to begin preparing the day’s Pho.

Huong grew up in Vietnam and moved to Colorado in 1992. Attended Colorado School of Mines for undergraduate and graduate degrees in applied physics, electrical engineering, and materials science. She specializes in device physics, optics, device characterization, thin film properties, metrology, manufacturing solutions, quality control, product repeatability and reproducibility, and technology patent and licensing laws. She worked as an engineer and research scientist for cooperation such as Ball Aerospace and several startups in renewable energy specifically in thin film solar cell technology. She also grew up around extended families owning numerous restaurants in the greater Denver Metro area for over two decades. She had always been passionate with foods – creating and exploring foods.  Out of passion and curiosity, she decided to bring the distinctive BinhGia style and taste to the traditional phở along with good business practices and industry professionalism. She and her husband, Chris, decided to create Black Pepper Pho. Chris grew up in New York and Tennessee.  Attended Purdue University for undergraduate degree and University of Colorado at Boulder for graduate degree, both in electrical engineering. He worked for cooperation such as LSI Logic,  Sundstrand Aerospace, and Ball Aerospace as design test engineer for satellites and spacecraft. He left engineering to pursue medical school but decided to turn down medical school to stay in Colorado with his wife and share her passion in creating Black Pepper Pho.